680GSM 1000D PVC coated fabric waterproof pvc tarpaulin for air bag and water bag
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680GSM 1000D PVC coated fabric waterproof pvc tarpaulin for air bag and water bag


Newstar PVC fabric, specially designed for air bags and water bags. This high-quality fabric offers a range of features that make it the perfect choice for these applications.

With its waterproof functionality, this PVC fabric ensures that your air bags and water bags remain protected in any weather conditions. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle and transport. The fabric also boasts excellent tensile strength, ensuring durability and longevity.

Our PVC fabric is resistant to high temperatures, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions without compromising its performance. Moreover, it is easy to clean, fold, and store, making it convenient for regular use.

This versatile fabric is not limited to air bags and water bags. It can also be used for various other purposes, such as creating simple canopies, car covers, small tents, rain covers, and sunshades. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for a range of outdoor applications.

The commonly used base fabrics for this PVC fabric include 500DX500D/18X17, 500DX500D/9X9, 1000DX1000D/9X9, and 1000DX1000D/18X17. These options offer different levels of strength and durability, allowing you to choose the most suitable option for your specific requirements.

In addition to its strength and functionality, our PVC fabric is also known for its excellent elasticity and tear resistance. Its soft texture provides a comfortable feel, ensuring a pleasant user experience.

We understand that every customer has unique preferences. Therefore, we offer customization options for colour, specifications, thickness, and weight. This allows you to tailor the product to your exact needs, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Choose our PVC fabric for air bags and water bags, and experience the perfect combination of functionality, durability, and versatility. Invest in this high-quality fabric today and enjoy its numerous benefits for your outdoor applications.


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