Waterproof Customized Travel Trailer Tarpaulin Cover, PVC coated tarpaulin
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Waterproof Customized Travel Trailer Tarpaulin Cover, PVC coated tarpaulin

Width 2.5m,3m,3.2m or customize
Weight 950gsm,1050gsm,1250gsm or customize
Base Fabric 1000D,1300D,1500D,2000D or customize
Color Refer to RAL & PANTONE color chart
Surface customize Printable, customized
Package Craft Paper or Hard Tube with Transparent PE Film Inside
Workmanship PVC coated tarpaulin, PVC laminated tarpaulin, PVC knife coated tarpaulin, PVC mesh tarp, Clear tarpaulin, PVC film
  • PVC501FR


  • 59031090

Newstar high-quality PVC-coated fabric, also known as PVC canvas, PVC tarpaulin . This versatile product is widely used in various industries such as outdoor canopies, waterproof covers, yachts, aquaculture, and UV protection. With its fire-resistant and environmentally friendly properties, it is the ideal choice for all your fabric needs.

One of the key features of our PVC-coated fabric is that the width can be customized. We can tailor the width according to your specific requirements, ranging from 1 meter to 3.2 meters. This flexibility ensures that the fabric perfectly fits your intended application, providing maximum coverage and convenience.  

Additionally, the weight of our PVC canvas can also be customized to meet your preferences. Whether you need a lighter fabric or a heavier one, we can adjust the weight from 300gsm to 1500gsm. This allows you to choose the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance for your intended use.

Newstar high-quality PVC-coated fabric has the reliability and durability. With its wide range of applications and customizable features, it is the ultimate choice for any project requiring waterproof, UV-resistant, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly fabric.


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