PVC tarpaulin coated fabric Fast fire door China Manufacturer
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PVC tarpaulin coated fabric Fast fire door China Manufacturer

Basic Information:
Item Laminated & Coated Vinyl PVC Tarpaulin
Base fabric 100% Polyester
Surface Treatment Acrylic / PVDF
Weight 300gsm ~ 1500gsm
Max Width 5m
Printing Printable, customized
Color Refer to RAL & PANTONE color chart
Package Craft paper; Hard Tube Packing
Features Waterproof, Fire Retardant, Anti UV, Heavy Metal Free, Anti Mildew, Flexible, Heavy Duty, Tensile, Self Clean etc are available.
PVC Tarpaulin Features:
Fireproof B1,B2,M1,M2,NFPA701 Optional
Anti-uv Optional
Anti-mildew Optional
Eco-Friendly 3P, 6P, Reach, heavy metal free Optional
Weather Resistant -35℃ ~ +70℃

Newstar high-quality PVC tarpaulin in rolls, the perfect solution for all your waterproofing needs. Made with a high-density woven base fabric, this PVC roll fabric offers exceptional tear resistance, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Crafted with the finest materials, our PVC tarpaulin is enhanced with abrasion-resistant additives, making it incredibly resistant to wear and tear. No matter the harsh conditions it may face, this product will stand the test of time.

Furthermore, our PVC tarpaulin features a premium PVC coating that allows for repeated folding without any unsightly wrinkles. This ensures a neat and professional appearance, even after multiple uses.

Rest assured, our product has successfully passed the lotus leaf waterproof test, guaranteeing 100% waterproofing. With this level of protection, you can confidently rely on our PVC tarpaulin to shield your valuables from any water damage.

Choose our PVC tarpaulin in rolls for its exceptional tear resistance, superior durability, and unmatched waterproofing capabilities. Trust in our product to deliver the professional and reliable solution you need.

We, NEWSTAR PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD., is a professional supplier of all kinds of PVC fabric / PVC tarpaulin / PVC canvas in China.

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